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Results 2019

British Equipped Championships 

British Equipped Bench Press Championships 

British Classic Bench Press Championships 

British Women's Classic Championships 

British University Championships 

British University Combined Team Placings 

British Men's Classic Championships 

Results 2018

British Equipped Men's Championships 

British Equipped Women's Championships

British Equipped Bench Press Championships 

British Classic Bench Press Championships

British Women's Classic Championships 

British Men's University Championships

British Women's University Championships

British University Combined Team Placings Updated

British Men's Classic Championships 

British Women's Junior Classic Championships 

British Men's Junior Classic Championships 

British Masters Classic Championships 

Home Nations Championships 

Home Nations Teams 

Results 2017

British Bench Press Championships amended 

British Equipped Championships

British Classic Masters Championships 

British University Women's Championships 

British University Men's Championships  

British Women's Classic Championships 

British Men's Classic Championships 

Home Nations Championships Detailed Results 

Home Nations Championships Team Placings

British Junior Classic Championships

British Masters Classic Qualifier

Results 2016

British Bench Press 

British Equipped Championships

British University Championships

British Masters Classic 

British Womens Classic Updated

British Mens Classic Championships

British Junior Classic Championships

Home Nations Championships Results


British Seniors (Men) Classic Powerlifting Championships 

British Seniors (Female) Classic Powerlifting Championships 

British Juniors Classic Powerlifting Championships 

Home Nations 

Women's British Classic: 47-57kg 63kg 74kg 84kg up

British Junior, Senior and Masters Equipped Powerlifting Championships 

British Male Classic Powerlifting Championships (Day 2) 

British Male Classic Powerlifting Championships (Day 1) 

British Female Classic Powerlifting Championships (Day 1) 

British Bench Press Championships (Classic) 

British Bench Press Championships (Equipped) 

East Midlands Classic Powerlifting Championships 


North West Powerlifting Championships 

Four Nations 

Scottish Masters 

Scottish Seniors 

Scottish Juniors 

Scottish Bench 

Scottish Classic 

YNE Open Day and Juniors 

West Midlands Divisional 

North Midlands Championships 

British Classic - Men 

British Classic - Women 

British Classic Bench 1 

British Classic Bench 2 

British Juniors and Seniors (Day 1) 

British Juniors and Seniors (Day 2) 

YNE Classic (Groups 1 and 2) 

YNE Classic (Groups 3 and 4) 

Northern Universities 

East Mids Masters, Juniors & Novices 

YNE Classic Bench 

YNE Seniors 

NI Maxx Power Results

South West Classic

Welsh Powerlifting Championships 

London Bench Press 

South West Open page 1 , page 2 

British Masters equipped  and classic 

Warwickshires, 4 Counties & West Midland Masters 

South East Classic 

Scottish Open 

East Midlands Classic 

YNEPF Masters 

British Bench Press Championships 

South Midlands 


North West Championships 

Scottish Masters 

YNE Bench Press Championships 

YNE Push Pull Championships 

East Midlands Powerlifting Championships 

Greater London Powerlifting Championships 

Scottish Seniors 

South West push / pull 

British Classic 

Four Nations, Northern Ireland 

North Midlands Championships A  B  C 

East Midlands novice, juniors and masters championships 

Scottish Unequipped Powerlifting Championships 

British Senior Powerlifting Championships 

South East Novice Championships 

Kent Championships 

YNE Classic 

English Bench Press 

South West Championships (1) 

South West Championships (2) 

British Masters Powerlifting Championships 

British Junior Powerlifting Championships 

East Midlands Unequipped Powerlifting Championships 

South Midlands Powerlifting Championships 

West Midlands Masters, Warwickshire and 4 Counties Divisional 

Yorkshire and North East Masters Powerlifting Championships 

Durham Bench Press Championships 

Northern Ireland Bench Press Championships 

Scottish District Championships 

British Bench Press Championships (Equipped and Unequipped) 

North Midlands Championships 

Yorkshire and North East Senior Powerlifting Championships 

Scottish Open Powerlifting Championships 


British Powerlifting Championships 

British Bench Press Championships 

British Classic (Unequipped) Powerlifting Championships 

British Classic (Unequipped) Bench Press Championships 

British Juniors and Masters Powerlifting Championships 

West Midlands Powerlifting Championships 

North Midlands Powerlifting Championships 

YNE Bench Press 

East Midlands Powerlifting Championships 

English Bench Press Championships 

Four Nations  


British Powerlifting is the only UK powerlifting organisation that carries out independent WADA compliant drug testing. In 2017 we conducted some 140 anti-doping tests, all at our own expense. GB lifters in World Championships are registered with the IPF for Out of Competition Testing (OCT).


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