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British Powerlifting only document and publish British Level Records. For National (Home Countries ) or Welsh and English Divisional Records, please contact the appropriate official representative.

Male Equipped Records 21-08-20 
Male Classic Records 21-08-20  
Female Equipped Records 03-10-20 
Female Classic Records 03-10-20 

Male University Records 29-07-19

Female University Records 03-10-20

Male SO Equipped Records 22-01-20 

Male SO Classic Records 01-01-20 

Female SO Equipped Records 01-01-20 

Female SO Classic Records 01-01-20 

EPF European Records 
CPF Commonwealth Records 
IPF World Records 

If you feel that any of the British Records are incorrect or if you have recently broken a British Record but it has not been updated then please contact our Records Registrar .

If you require a paper Record Certificate to be posted to you, please provide our Records Registrar with your delivery address and full details of the Record that you wish to claim (Date Achieved/Weight Lifted/Age Class/Weight Class etc..).


British Powerlifting is the only UK powerlifting organisation that carries out independent WADA compliant drug testing. In 2017 we conducted some 140 anti-doping tests, all at our own expense. GB lifters in World Championships are registered with the IPF for Out of Competition Testing (OCT).


Coaching Courses

Take our accredited training courses to become a British Powerlifting Coach.