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British Powerlifting only document and publish British Level Records. For National (Home Countries ) or Welsh and English Divisional Records, please contact the appropriate official representative.

British Records

Male Equipped Records 19-03-23 

Male Classic Records 19-03-23 

Female Equipped Records 21-03-22 

Female Classic Records 21-03-23 

British University Records

Male University Records 04-11-22

Female University Records 18-11-22

British SO Records

Male SO Equipped Records 22-01-20 

Male SO Classic Records 01-01-20 

Female SO Equipped Records 01-01-20 

Female SO Classic Records 01-01-20 

International Records

EPF European Records 
CPF Commonwealth Records 
IPF World Records 

If you feel that any of the British Records are incorrect or if you have recently broken a British Record but it has not been updated then please contact our Records Registrar .  Please note that British Records can be broken at sanctioned national, British and international championships.

If you require a paper Record Certificate to be posted to you, please provide our Records Registrar with your delivery address and full details of the Record that you wish to claim (Date Achieved/Weight Lifted/Age Class/Weight Class etc..).

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