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British Powerlifting only document and publish British records.  For national (Home Countries ) or English divisional records, please get in touch with the appropriate official representative.

British Records

Male Classic Records 01-05-24 

Female Classic Records 18-04-24 

Male Equipped Records 13-05-24 

Female Equipped Records 13-05-24 

British University Records

Male University Records 01-05-24

Female University Records 01-05-24

British SO Records

Male SO Equipped Records 23-05-23 

Male SO Classic Records 23-05-23 

Female SO Equipped Records 01-01-20 

Female SO Classic Records 01-01-20 

International Records

EPF European Records 
CPF Commonwealth Records 
IPF World Records 

If you feel that any of the British records are incorrect or if you have recently broken a British record but it has not been updated then please contact our Record Keeper.  Please note that British records can be broken at sanctioned national, British and international championships.

If you require a paper British record certificate to be posted to you, please provide our Record Keeper with your delivery address and full details of the record that you wish to receive a certificate for.

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