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Notice of 2021 AGM 

2021 AGM Agenda 

AGM Proxy Voting Procedure 

CEO Report for 2020

Finance Director's Report FY 2020

Budget for 2021

Athletes' Commission Report 2020

Disciplinary Committee Report 2020

Director for England Report for 2021 AGM 

Director for Scotland Report for 2021 AGM 

2021 AGM Minutes


Notice of 2020 AGM 

Agenda for 2020 AGM

Proxy Voting Procedure 2020

Chairman's Report 

CEO's Report for 2019

Athletes' Commission Report for 2019 

WPA Report for 2019

Medical Committee Report for 2019 

2020 AGM MInutes


Notice of 2019 AGM 

Agenda for 2019 AGM

Proposed Qualifying Totals for 2020

Proxy Voting Procedure 2019

Chairman's Report for 2018 

CEO's Report for 2018

Membership Registrar's Report

Communication Director's Report for 2019 AGM

NIPF Report for 2019 AGM

Finance Director's Report for 2019 AGM

WPA Report for 2019 AGM

SP Report for 2019 AGM

Disciplinary Committee Report for 2018 

Strategic Plan

2019 AGM Minutes


Notice of 2018 AGM

Agenda for 2018 AGM

Proxy Voting Procedure 

Chairman's Report

Director for England Report

Director for Scotland Report

Director for Northern Ireland Report  

Chairman Athletes' Commission Report

Director for Wales Report 

Board Restructure Proposal

CEO Report

Disciplinary Committee Report

Disciplinary Procedure 2018 

Articles of Association 2018

By-Laws 2018 

Strategic Plan 2018

Membership Registrar's Report 

AGM Minutes


GBPF 2017 AGM Minutes

GBPF AGM Agenda 2017

Articles of Association

By Laws

Disciplinary Committee Report

Director for Scotland Report

Anti-Doping Rules February 2017

Grievance Procedure February 2017 

Data Protection Policy February 2017

Equality and Diversity Policy February 2017 

Safeguarding Policy February 2017

Director for NI Report 

CEO's Report

Chairman's Report 

Athletes Commission Report

Law and Legislation Committee Report 

Director for England Report

Director for Wales Report

Strategic Plan 2017


GBPF AGM Agenda 2016
2016 AGM Minutes
2015 Chairman's report
General Secretary's Report 2016
Athlete's Commission Report
Director for Scotland Report
Director for Wales Report
Director for England Report
Disciplinary Committee Report 


2015 AGM Minutes 
2015 Chairman's Report 
2015 General Secretary's report 
2015 Director for NI's report 
2015 Director for Scotland's report 
2015 Director for England's report 
2015 Director for Wales' report 
2015 AGM Agenda 


2014 AGM Minutes 
2014 Chairman's Report 
2014 General Secretary's report 
2014 Disciplinary Committee report 
2014 Scotland Director's Report 
2014 NI Director's Report 


Draft minutes of 2013 AGM held on 17/03/2013 
GBPF Accounts for 31/12/2012 
2013 Budget 
2013 AGM Agenda 


Minutes of 2012 AGM held on 11/03/2012 
2012 Chairman's Report 
2012 General Secretary's Report 
2012 Director For England's Report 
2012 Director for Northern Ireland's Report 
2012 Director For Scotland's Report 
2012 Director for Wales' Report 
Status of GBPF Governing Body Application 

British Powerlifting is the only UK powerlifting organisation that carries out independent WADA compliant drug testing. In 2017 we conducted some 140 anti-doping tests, all at our own expense. GB lifters in World Championships are registered with the IPF for Out of Competition Testing (OCT).


Coaching Courses

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