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Membership of British Powerlifting is governed by articles 8 to 88 inclusive of the Articles of Association and specifically:

Article 13

No application for membership shall be rejected on the grounds of the individual applicant's sex, sexual orientation, religion, race or ethnic origin. For the avoidance of doubt, whilst British Powerlifting may not reject the application on the grounds of the applicant's nationality, nothing in these Articles or the acceptance of a membership application from an applicant who is not qualified to compete for Great Britain or one of the Home Countries under the rules of the IPF shall qualify such person to compete for the United Kingdom or Great Britain (however so described) or any of the Home Countries under the rules of the IPF.

Article 18

....... For avoidance of doubt, the Membership Fee paid by a Member shall not be refunded under any circumstances and this is not a payment for goods or services, but for the right to be recognised as a Member of British Powerlifting.

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