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Non-Executive Officers & Committees

Deputy Chairman

Executive Consultant
Thomas Morgan 

Membership Registrar
Will Brown 

International Team Administrator
Teresa Chapman

Record Keeper

Craig Wilkins 

My interest in Powerlifting started in 1997 when I joined BAWLA and I started competing. I joined the GBPF in 2010 shortly after I started training at Astor Powerlifting in Dover.  I recently became a Cat 2 Referee.

Coaching Secretary

Charlie Marillier 

Championships Secretary

Kim Cowell & Craig Wilkins 

Sponsorship and Scholarship Officer
Ben Davis 

Ben is a former British army officer and is currently employed by a well known high street bank. He is a national level competitive powerlifter and also plays rugby. He trains at the very well known Bethnal Green club.

Disciplinary Committee Chairman

Bryn Evans 

I have been a member of our organisation through its various names for almost 20 years. For 5 years I served s British Junior team manager and have a good working understanding of the IPF and its officials. I have been a referee about 13 years and a member of the disciplinary committee since the GBPF was formed.

Media Officers

Lukas Amosovas and Olivia Price 

Safeguarding Officer

Caroline Buckle 

Caroline's experience has been working with safeguarding for the past 8years through British Powerlifting National Refereeing, Help for Heroes coaching, working at the 2022 Commonwealth Games and within schools providing fitness and fun activities. Her sporting background comes from an early age as a junior Olympic swimmer in Sheffield and then water polo and swimming in the British forces. On sustaining a life changing injury, Caroline moved to adaptive sports and represented Team UK in the 2016 Invictus Games (Orlando) and 2019 Warrior Games (Tampa).

When asked why she would like to be considered for the position Caroline replied?

"I have had experience first-hand of why safeguarding is so important. I want to ensure that everyone who is a part of British Powerlifting feels that they can enjoy the sport in a safe and respected environment at any level. I also want to see the sport continue to grow and develop internationally towards the Olympic platform."

Should you wish to join Caroline's National Safeguarding sib-committee then drop her an email.

Technical Officer

Adam Reilly 

Adam has been involved in Powerlifting since 1999 starting out as a lifter. He first become a divisional referee in the early 2000s, being promoted to a National Referee in 2008.

In 2011 at the age of 26, he become a Cat 2 Referee. After many years supporting our international teams, in 2022 he became a Cat 1 International Referee.

Adams passion and dedication to the sport saw him inducted into the British Powerlifting Hall of fame in 2024.

University Committee Chairperson

Nathan Gevao

Assistant Secretary

Will Brown

William was formerly Chair of Scottish Powerlifting and recently passed his Category 2 International Referee's exam. 

Approved Clubs 

Sam Cook 

Law & Legislation Committee Chairperson

Position Vacant 

Medical Committee chair

Nasreen Ahmed-Brooker 

Anti-Doping Lead 

Affiliated with

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