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Non-Executive Officers & Committees

Deputy Chairman

Membership Registrar
Carol Parker 

01242 521524

I oversee membership applications, manage the database and arrange distribution of membership cards alongside answering the multitude of membership queries. As a member of the Southwest Division I married into the sport nearly 40yrs ago participating in various capacities, including producing the SW Newsletter (on a type writer and manually operated duplicator) and providing competition refreshments. I took over membership of the SW in the late 70's when our tools for recording were a ledger book and pen. I now have the pleasure of online applications and payment by PayPal, which are such a bonus with the ever increasing membership of British Powerlifting!

Doping Control Officer
Chris Gilbert

Record Keeper
Craig Wilkins 

"My interest in Powerlifting started in 1997 when I joined BAWLA and I started competing. I joined the GBPF in 2010 shortly after I started training at Astor Powerlifting in Dover. I recently became the General Secretary for my home division of South East England, I am also a national referee and UKAD Anti-doping advisor."

Coaching Secretary
Fred McKenzie 

"I have trained with weights for some 65 years had my first Gym when I was 18 on a promenade in Newbiggin By Sea, and have over the years enjoyed being part of a way of life that has seen me meet so many wonderful people and visit some great places have lifted weights in 15 different countries some 3-4 times. Took part in 2 Paralympic Games achieving 2 Bronze Medals. Lifted in World Bench Germany, Finland, Hungary and Denmark achieving 2nd 3rd places. Team Manager and Coach from 1992 =2000, Refereed at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester, Officiated in several World European and Commonwealth Championships. Organized First Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships in 2005, European Juniors 2011, and World Masters in 2014.

My CV includes BWLA Senior Coach, Diploma in Sports Psychology Course Coordinator and Tutor for British Powerlifting plus others. Chair coordinator for Parkhead & Wansbeck Powersports."

Law & Legislation Committee

Media Officer
Matthew Parker 

Matthew became a member of the National Governing Body for Powerlifting (BAWLA) in 1980 and took up competitive Powerlifting in 2003. Matthew has been a British Powerlifting Divisional Referee since 2013 and has been involved with variety of organisational roles within British Powerlifting from SWPLA Webmaster through to British Powerlifting Media Officer. Matthew is a Level 1 British Powerlifting Coach and is also a UKAD 'Accredited Anti-Doping Advisor'. Matthew also runs the Strength Shack in Cheltenham.

Merchandise Officer
Universal Uniform c/o Vanessa 

Championships Secretary
Jim McGill 

Sponsorship and Scholarship Officer
Ben Davis 

Ben is a former British army officer and is currently employed by a well known high street bank. He is a national level competitive powerlifter and also plays rugby. He trains at the very well known Bethnal Green club.

Approved Clubs
Pete Stone 

Pete is responsible for promoting the 'Approved Club' scheme, supporting new and developing Clubs and overseeing the 'Approved Clubs' list.

Pete has been competing in Powerlifting for 30yrs and most recently has been coach to the England Powerlifting Team at the 2015 Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships in Vancouver. Pete has coached the Junior Classic Team since 2015 and coached the 'Junior Classic' Men's Team to the European Title in both 2015 & 2016.

Pete is also an IPF qualified coach.

Disciplinary Committee Chairman
Bryn Evans 

I have been a member of our organisation through its various names for almost 20 years. For 5 years I served s British Junior team manager and have a good working understanding of the IPF and its officials. I have been a referee about 13 years and a member of the disciplinary committee since the GBPF was formed.

Jon Wilkinson 

Safeguarding Officer
Kevin Jane 

Kevin is responsible for overseeing the correct implementation of good safeguarding practice across British Powerlifting, liaising with all parts of the Organisation to ensure a safe environment for all vulnerable lifters.

Kevin has been competing in Powerlifting for over 40yrs and is also the Director for England and an IPF Category 1 Referee.

Medical Committee Chairman
Chris Gilbert 

I was a GP in a large teaching and dispensing practice, and chaired a regional Drug & Therapeutics Committee. In recent years I've been chair of the Data Committee for a large international medical trial.

Anti-Doping Education Lead
Chris Gilbert 

I was a GP in a large teaching and dispensing practice, and chaired a regional Drug & Therapeutics Committee. In recent years I've been chair of the Data Committee for a large international medical trial. I have a keen interest in promoting Clean Sport and am working with UKAD to use of all their anti-doping education resources.

Technical Officer
Doreen Dowsett 

Doreen has been involved in Powerlifting for over 30yrs and has been an International referee for 27yrs becoming the first Female IPF Cat 1 Referee in the World. Doreen has won numerous World and European Medals most notably becoming World Masters Champion in 1993 & 2004.

 University Committee Chairperson

Nathan Gevao

Assistant Secretary 

Will Brown 

William was formerly Chair of Scottish Powerlifting and recently passed his Category 2 International Referee's exam.  

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