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Board of Directors

Fred Sterry
01476 979587

Fred has been a member of British Powerlifting for 50 years and has been an International Referee for nearly 30yrs. Fred is also British Powerlifting 'Championships Secretary'.

Chief Executive Officer
Richard Parker 
01242 521524

Richard has been involved in powerlifting for many years and an IPF Category 1 Referee since 1985. He is currently also President of the Commonwealth Powerlifting Federation, Chairman of the IPF Ethics and Disciplinary Committee, Chairman of the English Powerlifting Association and Chairman of the SW Powerlifting Association.  He has been a competitive powerlifter and still trains five days a week.

Finance Director
Mike Edwards 
0121 4596623

Mike is a member of British Powerlifting and Competes mainly in the West Midlands Division, but also in Wales. Mike has been a Masters 4 Bench Presser since a replacement hip operation 4 years ago and works as a Chartered Accountant in Birmingham.

Athlete's Commission Chairman
Dean Bowring 

Dean has been Powerlifting for over 20 years and competed in his first International for GBR in 1994. He has lifted internationally ever since and won over 40 EPF and IPF medals including European Junior and Open Champion as well as World Open Champion. Dean has won over 20 British titles and holds the 'Masters 1 World Total Record' and numerous British and Commonwealth Records.

Dean is involved in running many Competitions at both Divisional and British Level and has coached lifters to become British, European and World Champions."

Director for England
Kevin Jane 
01327 312535

"I first started weight training with the Northampton Physical Culture Club as an 18year old in 1970, and first competed in powerlifting in 1974. Became a divisional referee in 1980 and progressed to IPF 1 ref in 1995.

I have to date won 26 British Masters titles 23 consecutively since 1994 which I think is probably a record. Also won 4 European, and two World Masters titles and set several masters world records.

I set up the FARM Powerlifting club in 1992 as a youth work project which moved to the current location of Moulton College in 2008. I have run the All England Championships since its inception in 2008 as well as several other Divisional and National competitions over the years.

I have been secretary for the East Midlands division since 2003 and a former director for BAWA and now Secretary for the EPA and Director for English Powerlifting under the BP.

I currently work part-time as a Director of Free2talk a family created not for profit company, where I tutor on Youth Work diploma courses, deliver parenting courses and work with perpetrators of domestic abuse."

Director for Scotland
Alex Mathieson 
01224 571131

Alex has been Director of Scotland since 2013 and has been involved in powerlifting for 30 years, originally as a lifter. I am now an IPF Category 1 Referee and attend numerous competitions annually in the UK and Worldwide.

Director for Northern Ireland
Alex Kapka  

Director for Wales (Interim)
Tanya Bull 
07799 823335

Tanya has been involved with British Powerlifting since 2012 and has represented both Wales and Great Britain on a number of occasions. As well as competing and running the WPA, she is also a national referee and a member of the disciplinary committee. Tanya is a full time trade union official by day which she finds useful for Powerlifting committee work.

Independent Director

Julian Harris

Julian Harris is the first independent director to be appointed to the British Powerlifting Board. He has extensive commercial and legal experience in industry and is currently Senior Counsel for a leading food manufacturing company.

Communications  Director

Nicola Elding  

Nicola is an active lifter and  was the 2018 English Bench Press Champion M2 72 KG,  She is also a Ntional Referee.

Performance  Director

To be appointed 

Development  Director

To be appointed 

British Powerlifting is the only UK powerlifting organisation that carries out independent WADA compliant drug testing. In 2017 we conducted some 140 anti-doping tests, all at our own expense. GB lifters in World Championships are registered with the IPF for Out of Competition Testing (OCT).


Coaching Courses

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