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British Powerlifting Coaching Courses


Our Level 1 and Level 2 Courses are open to those with an interest and experience in weight training and to Health and Fitness REPs members. Professional development training enables people to develop their skills and become more confident in doing their job. Our Continued Professional Development (CPD) training aims to contribute to helping people grow and improve their knowledge and skills through a range of training options.  Both our Level 1 and Level 2 Courses are recognised by REPs and endorsed by PD: Approval (formerly Skills Active).

As a training provider, we fully support the continued professional development of our training and assessment team. Our standard cost for attending these course is £250 per person, but if applicable group discounts are negotiable.

The quality of our offering and our reputation relies on the quality of our training. This Training Provider's Operation Manual sets out the policies, procedures, guidelines and forms that we will use to help us to provide the best quality possible across all of our training products.

Mission Statement

The GB Powerlifting Federation/British Powerlifting will commit to offer the highest quality of training possible to deliver a safe and effective method of Strength Training to their clients, themselves or other trainers.. We will do this by ensuring that we take into account each learner's needs and learning styles. All learners will be given the opportunity to provide feedback. We commit to address any issues raised. We will also provide up-to-date research and give an assurance that all tutors will be occupationally competent.

Aims and Objectives

Attendees on our coaching courses will:

1. Learn to deliver safe and effective coaching practices.

2. Learn to deliver training programmes and coaching applications.

3. A GBPF/British Powerlifting Coaching attainment certificate.

4. Be rated if successful as proficient to deliver safe and effective training programmes.

5. For each core powerlifting/strength building activity and their appropriate adaptation learn to deliver safely and effectively.

6. Understand the role and responsibilities of a British Powerlifting Coach and the rules by which the sport of Powerlifting is governed.

7. Be able to provide appropriate training programmes to novice, intermediate and advanced Lifters.

8. Be able to differentiate between various trainee's leverages, anatomical differences, abilities, aspirations and experience and delivers a full range of coaching advice in a safe and appropriate manner.

9. Recognise the effects of "energy systems" eccentric/concentric movements and balanced development on the powerlifting trainee.

Contact the Coaching Secretary Fred Mckenzie - email: 

British Powerlifting is the only UK powerlifting organisation that carries out independent WADA compliant drug testing. In 2017 we conducted some 140 anti-doping tests, all at our own expense. GB lifters in World Championships are registered with the IPF for Out of Competition Testing (OCT).


Coaching Courses

Take our accredited training courses to become a British Powerlifting Coach.