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Message from the IPF

We are pleased to announce that the IPF exclusive virtual event is now live for lift submissions via the Brawn app.

You may already know that the IPF has partnered with Brawn on this (as have Eleiko) because:

• Low entry price & no transport = more accessible for lifters

• The concept of global virtual events is exciting and well received by our members

• Quick and simple to participate - 3 rep bench and deadlift via video submission on the Brawn app, anytime in December.

Event entries are open until the last day of the event which has been extended to 31st December, so there are still just under four weeks to enter the event. We encourage you to do one last push of the event to increase your countries' chances of placing on the global leaderboard - the more members you have signed up the better your chances. I have copied in the Event Manager Jilly Clark - send her a message and she will send you a 'last chance to enter' image in your language and accompanying wording for you to use on social media or email. If you would like to learn more please visit BRAWN.CO.UK/IPF 

The IPF Executive Committee

British Powerlifting is the only UK powerlifting organisation that has a fully WADA compliant anti-doping programme, which is independently administered by the IPF. All of our anti-doping testing is carried out at our own expense. Elite GB lifters are selected by the IPF for inclusion in the Registered Testing Pool (RT) along with 144 lifters in the Testing Pool and National Testing Pool. All are subject to Out of Competition Testing (OCT). Read More >