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International Selection Standards for Open Classic Teams

There's no 'B' standard this year (there was last year) instead I'll be picking based off a percentage of the 'International Standard'. I'm looking to hopefully have 2 groups of lifters, those who are 1st choices for internationals (the elite group) and those who are very good/developing lifters. The plan is to take them both to SBD for squad sessions on different days. This way we can build relationships with not only the top lifters but those who are looking to break through.

Here are the standards:

International Open Classic Selection Standards - Men

International Open Classic Selection Standards - Women

Henry Tosh - Head Coach GBR Open Classic Team

British Powerlifting is the only UK powerlifting organisation that has a fully WADA compliant anti-doping programme, which is independently administered by the IPF. All of our anti-doping testing is carried out at our own expense. Elite GB lifters are selected by the IPF for inclusion in the Registered Testing Pool (RT) along with 144 lifters in the Testing Pool and National Testing Pool. All are subject to Out of Competition Testing (OCT). Read More >