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The GBPF Powerlifts is a new scheme, providing an intermediate step between general weight-training and competitive Powerlifting. The scheme allows participants to register their best gym lifts performed under the scrutiny of a single referee for inclusion in the national leagues.

The Scheme is currently being launched at a number of pilot sites across the UK. It will soon be open to all GBPF members, and then via Sessional Membership.

The Powerlifts:


  • Maximum Single
  • Bodyweight for Maximum Repetitions
  • 140kg for Maximum Repetitions

Bench Press

  • Maximum Single
  • Bodyweight for Maximum Repetitions
  • 100kg for Maximum Repetitions
  • Weight Repetitions


  • Maximum Single
  • Bodyweight for Maximum Repetitions
  • 180kg for Maximum Repetitions

The initial leagues from the pilot sites will be available shortly.


Assessment for each lift will be carried out according to the IPF Technical Rules for unequipped lifting, with the following exceptions:

  • Assessment only requires one qualified referee
  • Weigh-in will be conducted at the beginning of the assessment
  • General gym clothing will be permitted provided it is not deemed to aid the participant

For the assessment of the challenges involving multiple repetitions the following variations in the rules apply:

  • Bodyweight is rounded up to the nearest 2.5kg to determine the load
  • Weight Repetitions are in multiples of 5kg, and involve performing the same number of repetitions as the weight (i.e. 20x20kg, 25x25kg ... 60x60kg...).
  • Signals are not required, other than to count repetitions or to indicate an invalid repetition
  • Bench Press only: Attempts need not be paused, but should not be bounced off of the chest
  • Deadlift only: The bar must come to a dead stop in-between repetitions (i.e. no bouncing)

The referee will signal the end of a multiple repetitions attempt if:

  • the participant is stationary for more than 10 seconds
  • the bar is returned to racks
  • assistance from the spotters is required
  • the bar is released from the hands (other than to change grip for the deadlift)
  • at the referee's discretion, continuing the attempt would be detrimental to the participant (including nausea and deterioration of form)

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