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British Championships

We are now starting to get championships firmed up and the Equipped and Masters Classic are on the competition calendar. The remaining ones will be posted as soon as we have confirmation on dates and venues from the promoters for the second half of the year. Qualifying totals from 2019 and 2020 will be accepted and there will be dispensation to change bodyweight classes up to the closing date for entries, e.g. if you qualified at 74kg you can enter in the 83kg. This will also cater for the new women's weight classes. All this applies for 2021 only, of course.

Arnold Sports Festival UK 1-3 October 2021

We are pleased to announce that British Powerlifting will play a key role in the organising and running of the powerlifting for this event. This will be in conjunction with the IPF. It will be an equipped lifting only competition for both three lift and bench press separately. Entries will be via Goodlift as it's an international and full details will be issued by the IPF in due course.


In view of the ongoing uncertainty concerning the pandemic and easing of restrictions the Board have reviewed the viability of proceeding with the previous date of 23rd May. It's likely that there will still be restrictions in place at this time and have therefore decided to postpone the AGM to September 12th. This will give the maximum number of members the opportunity to participate.


The new IPF Anti-Doping Rules are now in force and under these all member nations' anti-doping programmes have to be under the auspices of the IPF or a NADO (UKAD in our case). The new programme will include in-competition testing (ICT), out of competition testing (OCT) and education. The details are currently being worked out, but the important thing to note is that we will no longer have a free hand to determine at which competitions testing is done or which athletes are selected.

British Powerlifting is the only UK powerlifting organisation that has a fully WADA compliant anti-doping programme, which is independently administered by the IPF. All of our anti-doping testing is carried out at our own expense. Elite GB lifters are selected by the IPF for inclusion in the Registered Testing Pool (RT) along with 144 lifters in the Testing Pool and National Testing Pool. All are subject to Out of Competition Testing (OCT). Read More >