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British Powerlifting Membership Card Changes for 2020

The membership of British Powerlifting continues to grow and in order to maintain the present efficient process there will be changes implemented for 2020.

From November 1st 2019 all new British Powerlifting members will receive an electronic membership card instead of receiving a card through the post.

This will make the process of sending out membership numbers and the proof of membership more streamlined and less reliant upon Royal Mail.

There will also be a 'forgotten number' page on the website where lifters can enter an email address and receive a copy of their membership card as a PDF.

For those new members taking up the extended membership from July 1st, a 2019 membership card will be sent through the post but the 2020 membership will automatically be emailed to each member at the end of the year.

There will be no change to the process of applying and renewing online.

Thank you for your support with this.

Carol Parker - Membership Registrar

British University Championship Qualifying Totals

In order to make entry numbers more manageable qualifying total will be introduced for 2020. These have been set at 80% of the senior totals for women and 82.5% of the senior totals for men. Separate divisional championships for students will be run wherever possible to give the best opportunities to qualify for British championships.  These are now included in the Qualifying Total section of the web-site under the Championships tab.

Medical Committee

We are pleased to announce the formation of a Medical Committee, whose primary role will be the assessment of TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) applications and secondary to advise on medical issues related to powerlifting. The Board has appointed Chris Gilbert as the Chairperson. Chris is a retired GP, active powerlifter and has been involved in the sport for several decades. The other committee members are Alex Kolliari, Hugo Leung, Steevi Pugh, Tom Slater and Megan Leigh Robertson. They are all either medical professionals or engaged in drug research.

British Powerlifting is the only UK powerlifting organisation that has a fully WADA compliant anti-doping programme, which is independently administered by the IPF. All of our anti-doping testing is carried out at our own expense. Elite GB lifters are selected by the IPF for inclusion in the Registered Testing Pool (RT) along with 144 lifters in the Testing Pool and National Testing Pool. All are subject to Out of Competition Testing (OCT). Read More >