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Welcome onboard to 'Gloucestershire Powerlifting' who are the latest addition to our list of 'Approved Powerlifting Clubs'.  They join Swindon Barbell as an Approved Club in the South West Division of the EPA.  In order to become Approved, all clubs are required to fulfil a strict set of criteria, to help ensure that each club provides a safe training environment, run by appropriately qualified staff and volunteers.  Approved Clubs receive various benefits, in the form of discounts and rebates, as well as being listed on the dedicated 'Approved Club' page of our website .

Gloucestershire Powerlifting are based in Gloucester, and are very keen to promote the sport in the area, and have already volunteered to hold the 'Mick Barry Benchpress and Deadlift Championships' later in the year!  

We look forward to seeing them work closely with the SWPLA over coming years, and encourage you to pay them a visit if you are in the Gloucester area.  

To find out more about 'Gloucestershire Powerlifting', or how to become an 'Approved Club', please visit our 'Approved Clubs' page .

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