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Coaching Course 2023 Dates

We are delighted to release the 2023 Coaching course dates arranged so far.

Please check out Coaching Course website where you can find the Coaching Course Calendar and Application Form 

Current courses available for application include:

1. Level 1, Jan 7-8 in Northampton

2. Level 1, Feb 4-5 in Cardiff

3. Level 2, April 15-16 in Swindon

4. Level 1, June 24-25 in Swindon

5. Level 2, August 5-6 in Cardiff

We are continually working hard to provide as many courses in as many locations as possible. As 2022 comes to an end and the competition calendar becomes final, we will be adding more courses so please keep checking up on the calendar.

2023 we will be providing more courses around the country including Scotland and Northern Ireland. So if you believe there is a demand for a course in your area, or you would like to organise a course bespoke to your group, please get in touch at Swindon Barbell and speak to Charlie.

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