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2023 International Open Classic Selection Standards

2023 International Open Classic Selection Standards that will used for international teams this year.

Date: 11/01/2023 | Author: Henry Tosh

Coaching Courses 2023

Coaching Courses 2023

Date: 18/11/2022 | Author: CEO

Coaching Courses

Additional Coaching Course Dates.

Date: 08/09/2022 | Author: CEO

Coaching Course Dates

Coaching Course Dates

Date: 02/06/2022 | Author: Charlie Marillier

News from the Board 23rd June 2021

Membership Details




Anti-Doping Education

Coaching Courses

Date: 23/06/2021 | Author: CEO

Coaching Courses

Coaching Courses in Swindon

Date: 02/09/2020 | Author:

Coaching Courses

August 8/9 - Level 2 Coaching Course

Date: 18/07/2020 | Author: CEO

Coaching Courses

Coaching Courses

Date: 30/06/2020 | Author: CEO

Muslim Women's Attire.

Clarification for motion passed at AGM.

Date: 04/03/2020 | Author: CEO

News from the Board February 2020

Head Coach Junior Equipped Team
Membership Card download
British Classic Bench Press livestreaming

Date: 21/02/2020 | Author: CEO

Annual General Meeting 2020

Agenda for 2020 AGM.

Procedure for voting by proxy.

Date: 05/02/2020 | Author: CEO

News from the Board January 2020

British Equipped Championships livestreaming.

British Junior Equipped team Head Coach

IWGA Athlete of the Year.

Date: 17/01/2020 | Author: CEO

News from the Board October 2019

Chair of the Athlete's Commission

Date: 02/10/2019 | Author: CEO

News from the Board June 2019

Electronic Membership Cards
British University Championship Qualifying Totals
Medical Committee

Date: 14/06/2019 | Author: CEO

Chair Athlete's Comission

Resignation of Dean Bowring

Date: 09/03/2019 | Author: CEO

News from the Board December 2018

Senior Equipped Head Coach
Season's Greetings

Date: 15/12/2018 | Author: CEO

European Classic Bench Press Report

European Classic Bench Press Report

Date: 01/09/2017 | Author: Camille Holland

Forthcoming British Powerlifting Coaching Courses

Dates and locations for upcoming British Powerlifting Coaching Courses - Levels 1 & 2

Date: 16/05/2017 | Author:

Injury Survey 2016

Dear British Powerlifting Members,

Many thanks for your support so far in our study looking at profiling the injuries in UK powerlifting. I am a Sport and Exercise Medicine Doctor working in elite sport (England Rugby League) and Areeb is a Medical student who wants to work with elite athletes in the future.

From our review of the literature, there hasn't been a study looking specifically at the most common injuries sustained in UK powerlifters and we'd like to do this to give us a better understanding of the injuries and hopefully reduce them moving forward. Once we have enough questionnaires completed (we're aiming for at least half of your members) then will write a paper and aim to get this published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Your organisation will get acknowledgment of course.

So far we have had 120 people fill in the questionnaire from you very kindly putting a Facebook post and link to your news feed on your website. I think an email to your members would hopefully generate an even bigger response.

Dr Marwan Al-Dawoud, MBChB, MRCGP, MFSEM (UK), DipSEM
Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician
Medical Officer to England Rugby League

Date: 15/09/2016 | Author: CEO

2016 World Junior Championships Report

Team Manager's report for the 2016 World Junior Championships

Date: 15/09/2016 | Author: Jim McGill

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