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The Technical Rules for the Bench Press have been amended by the IPF, effective from 1/1/23:

a)  A new RED cause for failure has been added - 'Failure to lower the underside of both elbow joints level with or below the top surface of each respective shoulder joint',

b) In the performance of the bench press it will be no longer permissible for the feet to be placed on the bench during the set-up.

The new Technical Rules, which include pictures of what is and isn't allowed can be found here IPF Technical Rules 1/1/23 

The IPF have stated that the changes have been made after careful and extensive discussion by the IPF Rule Group (consisting of the Athlete's Commission, the Coach Commission, the Women's Commission, the Youth Commission, the IPF Technical Committee, and the IPF Executive Committee).

The rules were changed/revised after numerous complaints were received, specifically after the 2022 IPF World Bench Press Championships held in Almaty, Kazakhstan,

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