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2024 WADA Prohibited List

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has published the 2024 Prohibited List and a summary of key changes can be found here.

 WADA 2024 Prohibited List Key Changes

A key change is that from 1 January 2024, tramadol will be prohibited in-competition. Any athlete found to be using tramadol in-competition faces the prospect of an Anti-Doping Rule Violation and a ban from sport. UKAD has released some initial information around tramadol, which can be found here Tramadol Information

Prohibited Association

Prohibited Association is a violation under the WADA Code. This is not well understood amongst some lifters and coaches and this risks a possible anti-doping rule violation, which could result in a ban. UKAD has some very useful information on what is and is not allowed. This is detailed here Prohibited Association


Education is a key element of UKAD NGB compliance. To support this, British Powerlifting needs several Educators, to deliver high quality clean Sport Education, both online and in person. We are looking for members experienced in delivering education, with a keen interest in promoting the anti-doping message to our athletes, coaches and officials.

UKAD's training course is 2½ days spread over two weeks, either online or in person; followed with full professional development support. An overview from UKAD of what's involved can be found here UKAD Educator Overview 

It is Nationally recognised, high quality and good to have on your CV. For more information, please contact Chris Gilbert 

British Powerlifting is the only UK powerlifting organisation that has a fully WADA compliant anti-doping programme, which is independently administered by the IPF. All of our anti-doping testing is carried out at our own expense. Elite GB lifters are selected by the IPF for inclusion in the Registered Testing Pool (RT) along with 144 lifters in the Testing Pool and National Testing Pool. All are subject to Out of Competition Testing (OCT). Read More >