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 Membership - Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does my membership expire?

All memberships are valid until December 31st of the current year. No membership cards from the current year are valid after January 1st.

2. Can I renew my membership?

Yes, on the online membership application page. You can do this any time from November 1st for the following year.

3. My online renewal is not being accepted.

You must enter the membership number including the GB but do not add your division. You must also use exactly the same email address that you originally used when applying.

4. When do I become a senior?

You remain a junior for the whole year in which you become 23 years old. The following January you will be a senior.

5. What is a sub junior?

You are a sub junior if you are 18 or under. You remain a sub junior for the whole of the year in which you become 18years old.

6. Will I receive a new membership card?

If you pay for an extended membership i.e. for the last few months of the year and the following year, you will automatically be posted a new membership card on January 1st.

7. What do I do if I lose my membership card?

Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a note saying that you have lost your card, to the Membership Registrar and a replacement card will be posted back to you. (Carol Parker, 44 Roberts Road, Prestbury, Cheltenham, GL52 5DJ).

8. When will my membership card arrive?

Once your membership application and payment have been received this is processed very swiftly and your membership card is usually sent out the following day.

If you have completed an online application, and this has been processed correctly, you will receive an email notification giving you your membership number as soon as it has been approved which will then enable you to enter competitions.

9. Which region should I select when applying for membership?

When joining British Powerlifting you must register in the area that you are officially resident. Joining other Divisions for 'better', 'more frequent' or 'more convenient' competitions cheats legitimate members of that Division out of competition medals and potentially records.

If you are resident in England then you can to check which Division you belong to by visiting:!english-divisions/c2069 

You can not be a member of more than one Division. If you move to another region, please contact our Membership Registrar to amend your membership details.

10. I live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, how do I apply for membership?

If you are resident in Scotland then you should visit the following link: 

If you are resident in Northern Ireland you should visit: 

If your query has not been answered here, then please get in touch with our Membership Registrar using 

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