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Competitions - Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below, or follow the links, to find answers to some of our more frequently answered questions regarding competitions.  

If these FAQs do not satisfactorily answer you query, then please get in touch using   


How do I find competitions in my area?

Follow the link to view a full list of British Powerlifting Competitions. 

Many British Powerlifting regions have their own Facebook Pages, but you can also stay in touch with our Powerlifting community on the British Powerlifting Facebook Discussion Group found at: 

I have never competed before, what should I expect?

If you have never competed before or are relatively new to the sport, don't panic. There will be plenty of officials and other lifters available on the day to give advice, so please remember to ask somebody if you are unsure about anything. It is sensible to attend other events in advance to get a feel for the competition environment and the running of the day. We would also recommend joining a local Powerlifting Club to meet and train alongside like minded people.

For more detailed advice here is a brief introductory guide  to competing within British Powerlifting.

Please also read the following useful article  for tips about how to improve your performance on competition day.

What clothing should I wear when I compete?

It is essential that you wear the appropriate clothing for Powerlifting, this applies at all levels. You will be expected to wear equipment in accordance with IPF Technical Rules  and only equipment that is listed on the IPF Approved List .

N.B. There may be some leniency applied at Novice and Divisional Level, if Equipment meets IPF Technical Specifications, but at English National Level or Higher, any equipment used must be IPF Approved. Please contact your Home Nation, Divisional Representative  or competition organiser for clarification.

Where can I find the British Powerlifting rules?

British Powerlifting operate under IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) rules.  Lifters are expected to lift in accordance with IPF Technical Rules  and to wear IPF Approved attire.  

It is strongly advised that all lifters, particularly novices, read these documents carefully before competing.

The online entry system for British Championships is not working.

There are often simple reasons why lifters cannot use the online entry system. These are usually centred around problems with email addresses or membership numbers. The following guidance usually solves the majority of issues.. 

Email Address: Entry can only be made using your exact email address as submitted when registering for British Powerlifting membership. If your email address was incorrectly entered at point of sign-up this will cause issues. If in doubt, or your email address has changed since joining, please contact our Membership Registrar  for clarification.

Membership Number: Your Membership Number must be entered in the following format: GB123456. Please do not include your regional prefix.

Where can I watch British Powerlifting live coverage online?

Our British Championships are streamed via our YouTube Channel by our Official Livestream Provider 'Wired Up Media' .

Further Information

If you do not find the answer you are looking for here, please get in touch via our Contact Page  for further information.

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